Why Choose Dave?

Who do you want to shoot your next LIVE music video? Someone taught in a school? Someone who learned from a book? They’ll do a great job, but I like to think I do it better. Here’s why:

I have been an avid music lover since a child and have seen several thousand live performances and always strive for the “front row”. I held that coveted spot for Led Zeppelin’s Only full reunion concert at the O2 arena in London on December 10, 2007…..

I have studied video techniques since before MTV….We used to watch vidoes on a video jukebox in the arcade back in 1980 – and have always studied camera angles and techniques. Now with a great understanding of post production possibilities the limits are endless.

I do what I do with a passion…I put my heart and soul into every shoot…..from my recent Four Camera Shoot of Trapt’s acoustic performance at soundcheck and their show to some of the youngest musicians who perform live inside the Hudson Valley.

My reputation speaks for itself…If you’re not happy, I’m not happy….it’s extremely rare, but in the live concert arena – anything as you know can happen….I have even had a fan steal my cam right off the stage…

HUNDREDS of hours of shooting music videos…..I ONLY shoot music videos…Okay, I’ll shoot your wedding….PLEASE ask for a quote…and be sitting down when you receive it.

I have high end ProSumer grade videocams….They are NOT Hollywood level but for the price I doubt you’ll beat their quality.