Livestreaming Pro-Shot is now available.

Single camera or Multi-camera in Full HD where available.


Livestreaming is a lot different than regular videorecording. It requires an internet connection, either hardwired into a modem which is preferred, or a strong Verizon cellphone signal or a high speed wi-fi.  The more places I can connect the higher quality of the stream. You will always have it ProShot on a professional camera and not shot with a cellphone, your band truly deserves better than that!

WHAT’S THE COST: The Price is the same as a single camera shoot plus $100 for additional time/effort and expenses incurred to stream, or $250 for up to 75 minutes, prorated $2 per minute after. Multicam four camera shoots start at $600(30 min). $4/minute after.

HOW GOOD WILL THE QUALITY BE: That depends on the signal strength from each location. If I can hard wire into a modem, then I should be able to stream in full 1080 HD, if I have to connect to wi-fi, then it will be in either 480 or 720. Cell phone varies as well based on connection speed. If needed I will do a site visit prior to the event to let you know.


I post it wherever you choose. No problem to post to your band page once access is provided. You choose up to FIVE Facebook pages to post to! I can also go to your YouTube, Ustream, Periscope, You Tube is also a streaming platform ~ my channel has 3600+ subscribers so there is potential for an audience there. If your website is setup to stream we could even point there….It is always up to YOU! I just need advance notice.

IS IT RECORDED OR JUST STREAMED? Both Facebook and YouTube save all streams unless a copyright strike takes it down. Nothing can be done to prevent that other than playing all originals. YouTube it rarely happens, Facebook alot more often. All footage is also recorded on SD Cards and I can Drop Box or Google drive them no charge within 72 hours after the show. I will also rebroadcast it within five days of an event being posted for the rebroadcast.

WHAT AUDIO IS USED: I own a Zoom6 Audio Recorder. If we can connect to the soundboard, we do….If we can’t I get room audio from that as well as each cam.
There many options as well.

CAN WE MONETIZE OUR STREAM? Yes, there is a site called concert window where they allow viewers to view for free for only three minutes, then you decide how much to charge for them to view ~ either free or a flat fee per show, it’s up to YOU what you charge. Currently concert window keeps 30 percent of all revenue and the rest is paid to a paypal of your choosing within 48 hours after the show.

This has been updated: 5/4/17

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