FRONT ROW DAVE MUSIC VIDEO SERVICES Specializing in LIVE CONCERT Videos “It’s Like Seeing a concert from the Front Row”

Front Row Dave Productions, the leading music videographer in the Hudson Valley, is now offering a  complete range of services from affordable single camera shoots to a series of COMPLETE marketing and promotional videos for your event! You choose the level of production and levels of marketing to meet your budget. My heavy promotion of your event will guarantee you ticket sales ~ Take a look how!

Why choose Dave?


RATES –  Basic Single Camera Shoot – Starting at $200 For 75 Minutes

Each shoot includes:

Shoot in either HD or 4K, you decide.

Phone time or emails to discuss the shoot. Solo’s, Special guests, anything at all.

One Hour Arrival onsite before start time to discuss any details.

Several Styles of shooting to choose from:

Front Row Roaming Style, Tripod Stagnant or Tripod Roaming – Looking for more elaborate?…jibs, cranes available.

Wait time may be additional…late starts are common so I include the first fifteen minutes at no charge. Regular rate applies after.

Review of footage immediately after show.

Facebook posts – before, during and after – announcing your video shoot. Facebook event invites to regular live concert attendees of which I know many.

Great rates on editing services


You take the footage ~ all of the footage is always owned by the band, I only run the cameras and capture it.


RATES – Multi-Camera Shoot


Nothing can better show the full essence of your band onstage than a well done multicamera shoot. We can focus on individuals as well as always having that fullstage shot and side angles. I always recommend four cams, One front row roaming, one tripod stagnant of full stage, one tripod moving and another tripod still on one person, switching during the sets.


The single Camera Rate Plus:


Each additional cam – $100 per cam per hour on a tripod. Currently eight cams maximum.


Additional camera operators are $40-$100 for each hour based on experience, location and availability.


Use the Price Quote Feature for exact costs! Responses Guaranteed within 48 Hours or call 845-750-0363



Everything is shot on Sony Cam’s on SDXC(required for 4K) or SDHC cards:

I can shoot either 4K, AVCHD-S or AVCHD(HD)…..You choose!

How fast do you want the footage?

Immediately  ~

You can bring your own SDXC SD cards.  At the end of the show I take them out and hand them to you, after a preview of course! I will also have them available for purchase if you choose to make it easier on yourself!

Within an hour or two after the show ~

You can bring a fast laptop with SD card input…Importing is about 30 minutes per 90 minutes of 4K. (30GB)…~…OR…~…I can mail the footage for a nominal fee($25 plus cost of flash/external drive). When I do this I also make another copy in HD so most computers can still view the files. If you have a special format you want just let me know.

Google Drive ~ I can upload to my google drive and you can download from there. No extra charge for first 50GB.

——————————————————————————– —————————



Editing a multi-cam starts at $75 per song(five minutes) and increases as the level

of production increases.

Editing rates are typically available at $50 per hour.



This Package includes:

Four camera shoot, three manned one stagnant.

Complete editing and post-production other than your inserts.

You receive:

One Master DVD and One Master CD


Personalized Intro for your performance, plus closing credit and contact info.


Digital Video Files song by song for Youtube, Vimeo, etc.


Digital Audio Files song by song for Your Website, Spotify, etc.


Rates for this start at $1,800.00


There are other videographers out there, but one thing is for sure… I do this with A PASSION and have hundreds of references. Just ask any musician in the Hudson Valley… if they don’t know me, they will know someone who does.



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